Senate is the legislative body of ASWWU, made up of two senators from each of the 13 districts, a senate secretary, assistant to the Executive VP and parliamentarian; and is chaired by the ASWWU Executive Vice President. Senate oversees all actions and expenditures of ASWWU, as well as any policy changes or programs initiated by the students. Bills can be sponsored by one or more senators or by the ASWWU president (or president elect).

Apply to be a senator for the 2013-2014 school year with this application.

Want to make an even bigger difference? Apply for an executive position for the 2014-2015 school year using this form.

Students interested in applying for a seat labeled “vacant” may do so via the office of the Executive VP (by turning in a declaration of candidacy, located at the link above, filled out for the appropriate district) to the ASWWU office by Friday, 25 October at the close of business. Seats labeled “unknown” have candidates of an undetermined status as of yet.

Sittner North (District 1)

Andrew Nunez

Atem Malak

Sittner South (District 2)

Brandon King

Tyler Sherwin

Meske (District 3)

Johnel Lagabon

Kari Gomez

Conard (District 4)

Kate Heinrich

Liz Pham

Foreman (District 5)

Clarabeth Smith

Elizabeth Wolske

Mountain View/Birch (District 6)

Allison Patchett

Michael Swan

Hallmark/Faculty Court/University Owned (District 7)

Natalie Slusarenko

Jacob Giem

Off-Campus Male (District 8)

Christian Willing

Michael Trethewey

Off-Campus Female (District 9)

Alyssa Seibold

Camlynne Waring

Portland Campus (District 10)

Lars Jordan

Ryan Ford

Faculty (District 11)

Helo Oidjarv

Jim Nestler

Student Missions/Adventist Colleges Abroad (District 13)

Adan Rodarte

Chadwick Young

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