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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

A Welcoming Community

April 13, 2023
Nick Humphries

Two Leaders Making a Difference Through Hispanic Ministries

Nicholas Humphries

The Collegian interviewed Hispanic Ministry co-leaders Anilce Castillo and Jenny Vidales-Lazcano to learn about their unique perspective and the ministry’s events offered to WWU students. The chaplain’s office has many campus ministries within Walla Walla University. Berean Fellowship, Circle Church, Dorm Ministries, Vespers, Heubach Worship, and Small Groups all fall under this umbrella. Hispanic Ministries is one such ministry. 

Castillo and Vidales-Lazcano are senior biology and psychology majors, respectively, who have run several events throughout the year and are looking forward to holding more. According to Castillo, the most regular event, aptly named Hispanic Ministries, takes elements from Hispanic culture and integrates them into a worship service that occurs each Thursday at 8 p.m. in the junior room at the University Church.  

Anilce and Jenny at Welcome Back Bash.

Castillo stated, “We try to make [the service] a homey and welcoming service to every person that wants to come. We try to make it so that it doesn’t feel like you need to be there for a worship credit, but instead a welcoming experience for people who want to be a part of a community and safe space.” [1] 

Hispanic Heritage Month is a busy season for Castillo and Vidales-Lazcano. There is a Hispanic heritage CommUnity, vespers, and collaborations between other Hispanic entities on campus, such as Nuestra Iglesia, LatinX, and the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association.  

Two of the biggest events for Hispanic Ministries are the vespers and CommUnity services during National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is from September 15th to October 15th. The services include Hispanic students parading in with flags that represent their heritage, worship songs in Spanish, and a short sermon. 

Another event is Sábado Joven. Hispanic Ministries partners with three local Spanish churches in College Place, Walla Walla, and Milton-Freewater. It typically occurs at Village Hall with around 300 people attending. It is an all-day event; there is a potluck immediately after the service, an Adventist Youth worship service in the afternoon, and the day ends with an open gym and social event. 

Students can get involved with Hispanic Ministries by simply attending events. Events such as the weekly worship service create a strong bond between students. These events are hands-on and include games and food. Additionally, being Hispanic is not a requirement to attend these events.  

Vidales-Lazcano stated, “There’s other people who aren’t even Hispanic and show up and they learn a little bit of Spanish, or they enjoy the community. We are very welcoming people.” Castillo and Vidales-Lazcano are always looking for volunteers who can help with services, such as playing music, cooking, or serving food. [2] 

Hispanic Ministries leaves a significant mark on the Walla Walla University student body with their unique worship services, activities, and community events with other clubs or Adventist churches. Castillo and Vidales-Lazcano are welcoming individuals who are always looking for more participants in their services. As many students have found, joining them in a service can be a rewarding experience. 


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