An Inside Look at The Collegian

By Ashley Herber
Hello and welcome to The Collegian! We publish articles every Thursday morning here on our site for you to read and enjoy. The topics of these articles range from the humorous to the serious, but with every article our goal is to create a strong and informed community. 

The way The Collegian works is that every week, our writers write an article assigned by our very own editorial board. Most of our articles involve interviews with students and staff, so if you are contacted by one of our writers be sure to reply so your voice can be heard. Once these articles are submitted, our copy editors edit them, and then the editorial board approves them for publishing. Our web managers will then upload the approved articles to the website and BAM —they show up on your screen Thursday morning. Our website is now on the ASWWU website, so be sure to check us out there.

Although we mainly publish online, once at the end of every quarter we create a print newspaper. When this happens, be sure to pick one up because it represents the very best of The Collegian and the hard work of our layout manager! 

The best way to engage with The Collegian is to follow our Instagram, @aswwucollegian, where we post links to our articles, create polls, and do student spotlights. If you want to submit yourself or a friend for a student spotlight, direct message our Instagram, and our social media manager will make it happen! 

The Collegian will focus on the stories of our community both on and off the Walla Walla University campus. If you do not like or agree with one of the stories published in The Collegian, I encourage you to first read it in the context of the entire issue. 

I highly encourage you to write me an email at if you have any article ideas. The Collegian is here to serve the students, so please let us know of anything you think is important and/or cool enough to write about!