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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ASWWU Candidate Platforms

February 23, 2023

What Each Candidate Wants You to Know

Annaliese Grellmann, President Candidate 

I originally decided to run for ASWWU President because I loved getting to witness and be a part of all the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into operating a fully student-run organization with 15 departments and 130 staff. The best part of this job is getting to watch and be a part of bringing the team’s vision to life. It takes at least one try to learn something new, and most ASWWU department heads only get the chance to do this job once. Running for president again means that I will have to spend less time simply learning the job and therefore spend more time working on projects that will help the longevity of ASWWU. My experience allows me to bring consistency which will reduce institutional memory loss, which is an inherent challenge ASWWU faces. This year I have had the honor of working with an incredibly thoughtful, creative, and dedicated team and I am excited about the enthusiasm of those interested in being a part of next year’s team. I originally chose to do this job because I love this campus. One year later, I love it even more than when I started. 

JC Griffin, Executive Vice President Candidate 

Hello all, my name is J.C. Griffin, and I am running for the position of ASWWU Executive Vice President. I am running for EVP because I want to be a part of the leadership planning for the student body, and I happen to have the largest amount of knowledge about this position. I have been a part of the ASWWU Senate for the last two years, and the previous and current EVPs have given me some insight into what it is they do. I hope to be able to lessen the divide between what the student body thinks the senate can do, and what it is actually capable of doing by using my experience on the senate. I plan to keep expanding my knowledge to be able to lead well, and I hope to see you next year! 

Brooklyn Gerber, Spiritual Vice President Candidate 

As a little girl growing up, my siblings would regale me with stories from Walla Walla, and they told me getting involved with ASWWU was a necessity when I grew up and went to university. Fast forward about 10 years when I arrived at Walla Walla University and was asked if I would be interested in running for spiritual vice president. I laughed and said no because I felt completely unqualified and unworthy of this position. However, this thought did not leave me for the next few days and impressed itself on my heart. I prayed about this position and asked God, what could I, Brooklyn Gerber, even begin to do for this campus. As I started thinking more about it, my eyes were opened to the people and the needs of this campus. If elected, I want to connect and collaborate with many different groups on campus to let all voices be heard. I want to create events that meet the different spiritual needs of those here. I think I bring a lot of ideas, passion, and productivity to the table while also, very simply, caring about the well-being of the students here. Listening, empathizing, and overall loving everyone like Jesus did is what I strive to do and are qualities ASWWU Spiritual should encompass. I am excited about the prospect of meeting so many new people, getting to hear firsthand feedback from students, and also learning so much from this job. 

Heloisa Sarli, Social Vice President Candidate 

Hi, Walla Walla! 

My name is Heloisa Sarli, I’m a sophomore business major, and I am super excited to be running for ASWWU Social Vice President. My platform is based on creating positive change and stepping out of comfort zones. The idea is to try new things and new events that will reach all kinds of students, encourage unity on campus, create new memories, and add new elements to already popular events. Leadership is something I am passionate about and have been doing for many years. Here on campus, I have worked for the Collegian, the Chaplain's office as the women's dorm chaplain, and the ASWWU Social team, which have all been opportunities to connect with students and learn about what goes on behind the scenes. Before that, I led my high school's Associated Student Body for two years, putting on events such as banquets, movie nights, fundraisers, and many more that encouraged student activity and participation. If elected, my goal would be to receive ideas and feedback from students to dedicate time and put on events that are inspired by the students, for the students! It would be my honor to serve you and Walla Walla University next year, and I would dedicate myself to guaranteeing an amazing year for all. Vote Heloisa Sarli for ASWWU Social VP, and amazing new changes and events you will see! 

Carena Tomas, Social Vice President Candidate 

As ASWWU Social Vice President, I promise to make Walla Walla University students involved in the executive decisions we make. As a student part of the ambitious, determined, and excited freshman class, I find it to my advantage that I will be just as hyped to be in such a position. I love talking to people and listening to positive and negative feedback so that YOU can be the designer of YOUR college experience. 

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