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Friday, December 8, 2023

ASWWU Diversity and Wellness

October 5, 2023
Andres Anaya

There is Family for Everyone

Andres Anaya

Hola, cómo estamos? My name is Andres Anaya, the ASWWU Diversity and Wellness officer for this year. This role is very broad because not only do I get the opportunity to work with campus clubs, groups, and student-led churches, but I also get to collaborate with the Health and Wellness Center and other ASWWU departments.  

I took on this role because I believe everyone is valuable and should remember that they have influence on this campus. I will be acting as the bridge between different leaders on campus to make sure each and every voice is heard. 

I am a junior product design major and I feel very passionate about inclusion because of where I come from. My parents were both immigrants from Él Salvador who traveled to the United States to allow a better future for myself and my younger brother.  

Growing up in the Portland Metro area, my parents always taught me the importance of family and going out of my way to help others. When I first got here to Walla Walla University, I struggled to find a place to call home or people to call family. It wasn't until a stranger invited me to one of the student-led churches that I finally found a place where I felt like I belonged.  

This theme of invitation is something that I hope we can all bring into this school year to make sure no one is left out of this new home we have created for ourselves as a student body. 

I’m very excited this year to work with our leaders for the many events we have planned for our many different heritage months, as well as getting to work with the health and wellness center to create events and opportunities to enrich our very busy college student lives. My hope for this year is simply to help create and support communities where people can feel at home. 

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