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Friday, December 8, 2023


October 5, 2023
Esteban Cordova
Esteban Cordova

Hello, my name is Esteban Cordova. I am the ASWWU Photo Head this year!  

Our department is responsible for taking, documenting, and uploading images of any ASWWU event. You may see us wandering around snapping photos, so make sure you smile! We are also responsible for shooting photos that may be needed by other departments; this includes ASWWU Marketing, Mountain Ash, and even the University itself. Our work is essential to make sure that in future years many members of the community have access to download and share these images of major events. 

This year, our photo team’s slogan is “always be prepared.” As a photographer, you aren’t always in the best position to snap photos. Whether it’s storm chasing (yes, I have done this) or even having an extra battery, we need to be prepared to overcome whatever might come our way. 

The vision that I have this year is to document every single ASWWU event that is on the calendar, as well as share those many photos to as many people as possible who may be interested in them. This is the main reason why I signed up for this job: to portray the many memories that people have had in their lives through these events in a memorable form.  

You can download all the photos we will take this year for free by going to 

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