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Friday, December 8, 2023

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October 5, 2023
Annaliese Grellmann
Annaliese Grellmann

Hi, my name is Annaliese. If we haven’t met yet, we’re most likely to run into each other either in the Atlas, in a classroom on the second floor of the Administration building, or in the ASWWU offices. I enjoy oatmilk cappuccinos, just about any class I find myself in, and when my office is so full of friends that I can’t get any work done.  

If you ask me what I love about Walla Walla, I’ll likely tell you about lingering after vespers late into the night, how kind my professors are, and the College Place Christmas Parade. I’ll explain that I’ve been around longer than most: this is my fifth year taking classes, in addition to my year as a student missionary in Zimbabwe, and my second year as ASWWU President. 

What makes ASWWU so special is that it is the only campus organization that includes every single student on campus. You are a part of ASWWU just by being here. With approximately 130 paid staff, we are the largest employer on campus. The talents of 10% of our fellow students come together to create all the incredible things ASWWU has to offer, whether that’s fixing bikes, taking pictures, making lattes, writing articles, filming videos, or planning parties. 

My job as ASWWU president includes a wide variety of responsibilities ranging from big-picture visioning to coordinating random details. I haul a lot of folding tables, make plenty of copies, and hold meetings often. One of the most unique parts of my job is the privilege of representing students as a member of multiple University committees.  

Most importantly, I get to cheer on and support ASWWU’s 15 department heads as they lead their teams. This year, my team is innovative, intelligent, and full of love for this campus. I’m excited to watch their dreams come to life and I invite you to be a part of it. 

There’s a sign on my desk that says, “Please do disturb” and I hope you take it seriously. If you ever have any ideas or simply want to chat, you’re welcome to email me at, or even better, stop by during my office hours, which are posted on the wall outside the office door. 


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