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Friday, December 8, 2023

ASWWU Spiritual

October 5, 2023
Brooklyn Gerber
Brooklyn Gerber

Hey, Walla Walla! My name is Brooklyn Gerber, and I will be serving as ASWWU’s Spiritual Vice President for this school year. I am super excited about this job as I get to work and interact with so many awesome people on campus through spiritually focused events. I really care about this school and the students and faculty here. Through my job, I get to pour into the place and people that have filled me so incredibly full. Another great aspect of my job is that I get to work with my incredible team to brainstorm and plan all events.  

Those of us at ASWWU Spiritual really want to create space in our events for people to leave their worries and stresses behind for a short while – space to get to know other friends better, do things for others, or even just chat with myself or one of the team members.  

When I got to University, I really started appreciating Sabbath, and we want to make that special as well. Whether it’s an ASWWU Spiritual event on Friday night, or a collaboration between ASWWU and someone else, we want to be together to relax and celebrate the gift of the Sabbath with you.  

Walla Walla is such an awesome place to be, and the University experience is made even better by getting involved in various ways. It is my hope that you can talk with me or a team member and get to know us!  

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