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Friday, December 8, 2023


October 5, 2023
Kasandra Irvine
Kasandra Irvine

Hi friends! I'm Kasi Irvine, the ASWWU Video head for this school year. I have the privilege of collaborating with an amazingly talented team of videographers. Together, we'll create projects that reflect student life here at Walla Walla University, whether it's covering events, creating “mocumentaries,” or vlogging ASWWU Outdoors trips. Our goal is to represent you and your experience here.  

Check out ASWWU video by subscribing to our YouTube channel at or finding us on Vimeo at If you're looking for a way to get even more involved with ASWWU, my team is always looking for actors for our projects, and we're open to any ideas you want to send us. Whether your ideas are fun, chaotic, meaningful, or satirical, I want to hear them all. Email me at 


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