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Ashley Herber

Hello everyone, I am the Collegian Editor-in-Chief and my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly by managing the Collegian staff, running meetings, and overseeing content creation. I am a junior double major in English and business, I am from the beautiful state of Colorado, I plan to attend law school after graduation, and I enjoy reading, crocheting, working out, and sitting in the sun. This is my third year working for the Collegian and I love getting to spend time with my team and trying to make sure that as many voices on campus are heard as possible. If you have any ideas or questions, please email me at

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Nicholas Humphries

My name is Nicholas Humphries and I am a collegian writer and senior business major from Greeley, Colorado. My favorite hobby is dirt biking, but I also love to mountain bike, ski, backpack, and hunt. I look forward to pursuing these hobbies after graduation, but I plan to get my MBA and work in healthcare administration. I am a writer and decided to work for the collegian because I love writing and wanted to improve it before I graduate.

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Kudzai Mhondiwa

Hi, my name is Kudzai Mhondiwa, I am a senior business major from Cork Ireland, and serve as one of the Collegian writers that you so happen to stumble upon. I’m an avid Arsenal football fan and love to spend my free time playing football, running, weightlifting, and cooking. I have goals to become a marketing professional and work myself in the technology industry. Writing has been a passion of mine since the very beginning, and I’m excited to pursue that journey with each of you. Here’s to a new and exciting school year!

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Aine Schmidt

Hey y’all, I’m Aine (like Amy but with an “n”!), a junior nursing student on the Portland Campus, and I have been the Managing Editor for the Collegian for two years. I am from Argentina, and Spanish is my first language. I grew up in Canada, but while I do miss the Rockies and the beautiful ski hills, I don’t miss the cold! When I’m not studying or in clinical, I like to go trail running, shop for new plants or thrifted clothes, and crochet while listening to audiobooks. Someday I would love to work in an Intensive Care Unit!

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Ben Griffin

Hello, hello. My name is Ben, like benedictus. If you’re curious (which humans naturally are), I study biology with a splash of music. I work at our university rock wall where my primary duty is to add groovin’ music to the queue. I do it for the people. Lately I’ve been working on washing dishes more thoroughly, testing the bounds of poor time management, and exploring whether or not life is more fulfilling alone. Anyways, read my articles and send me an email at if it’s been a while since you’ve quenched that email cravin’.

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Cascadia Schneider

Hello all, my name is Cascadia and I am responsible for all the extra bits that make the Collegian print issues possible. I enjoy all things art or plant related and if conversation isn’t odd, it's not worth having. My time is best spent with a cat and cup of cocoa. I am currently working as a junior graphic design major and would love to keep doing text layout and formatting work for as long as people are willing to pay me for my talents.

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Gleb Drumi

I am a Business Accounting student passionate about writing and covering topics that reflect meaning and provide insight to the world. This includes topics about business, life, responsibilities, and personal development in the context of being a university student. I believe that though my writing, I can not only inform and entertain, but also inspire others to think more deeply about the world around them.

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Stella Ga

Hi there! My name is Stella, and I am a junior social work major with a minor in marketing. At The Collegian I work to interact with people on campus through our social media accounts. You can often see me around campus busily working away on Instagram (@aswwucollegian) to deliver you a fun, fresh feed. I make all the student spotlights, so if you are interested in being highlighted, please reach out and don’t be shy to say hi! When I’m not working, I love being at the park, doing anything outdoorsy, and drinking iced lavender matcha lattes (try it sometime).

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Atheris Seals

Hello all, I am Atheris Seals, The Collegian Head Copy Editor. You may have seen me scuttling around Rigby as a reclusive Biology major or snapping pics of squirrels on the way to class. I will likely edit until the end of time, though getting to do some research would be fantastic. If you’re in need of a peer review it will only cost a cup of coffee. Contact me at for questions or edits.

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Kaden Fairchild

My name is Kaden Fairchild and I am from Oregon. I'm the web manager for The Collegian, I am responsible for managing the uploads of articles and ensuring that the website looks professional and visually appealing. I am currently a senior in majoring in computer science with a minor in psychology. My passion for technology and design is what drives me to excel in this field. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, longboarding, and watching movies. If you find any bugs or have suggestions please email me at

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Kole GreyEyes

Hi, I’m Kole GreyEyes. I am from the far-off land known as Puyallup, Washington (the place with the fair). I’m a freshman psychology major, but I’m planning on eventually going to law school to study criminal law and eventually become a prosecutor. When I’m not in class or working as a copy editor for The Collegian, I enjoy practicing taekwondo, playing trumpet, and listening to any kind of music that isn’t country

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Danae Grigsby

Hey guys! My name is Danae Myers and I’m a senior English major and journalism minor. I love copy editing for The Collegian and plan to work as a copy editor when I graduate, while hopefully doing some freelance writing on the side. Besides my jobs at WWU, I’ve also been working at the Blue Mountain Humane Society for 2 1/2 years. I have two cats at home, Kessa and Cassiopeia, and an albino Kingsnake named Sibyl. I enjoy reading, writing poetry, playing RPG video games, trying new vegan recipes, and canceling plans so I can stay at home and binge-watch shows with my husband.

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Cameron Fowler

Hello there! My name is Cameron Fowler, and I am one of the newer Collegian writers! I am a contract writer seeking to spice up the reading with some creative works! Currently I am writing a murder mystery series that is all connected, so make sure you don’t miss an issue! When I am not writing or working towards finishing my English major and Psychology minor, I love to play video games and watch anime.

austin price

Austin Price

Hello, my name is Austin Price, I am a freshmen piano performance major from Northern California. I am a writer for the Collegian this year and hope to discover many stories and knowledge from different perspectives here on campus. I love writing, especially journaling, expressing gratitude for the small things. My time is usually spent. . .practicing piano, reading more (nonfiction), learning new languages, and listening to lots of chill music (favorite song currently - Disse Alguém by João Gilberto). I have the goals of getting into Conservatory of Music after college as well as being able to speak Spanish and French fluently. Writing is challenging and that’s why I like it so much. I’m constantly learning through this job that everyone has a story to share and all we must do to learn - is to ask questions and listen. It’s a beautiful process, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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