Crafting the ASWWU Website

By Mikhail Beresnev
Hello everyone, my name is Mikhail Beresnev, the chosen ASWWU webmaster for the 2022-23 school year. A little bit about myself: I was born in Russia and lived there till I was eight years old before moving to Hawaii, then to New York, eventually ending up in Walla Walla because of its reputation in Adventism and engineering. My major is in computer engineering, though I also have an interest in Soviet Russian history, theology, and chess. More specifically for theology, my main interests are in law and end-time prophecy.
Now, on to the web department. Our main responsibility is to manage the ASWWU website. More specifically, this involves maintaining The Mask, jobs, and elections pages. For those interested in the technology, the website currently runs on a combination of two systems: a modified WordPress page used for the jobs and elections, and a JavaScript web application for The Mask. My goal this year for the web department is to build a stable website with a robust documentation system to support it in the future.

Students may help contribute to building the website by reporting bugs to the department through email at

I look forward to working for you all!