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Friday, December 8, 2023

Departing from College into the Real World

May 25, 2023
Gleb Drumi

What Graduating Students Should Know Before Leaving College

Gleb Drumi

Graduation is just around the corner for Walla Walla University seniors, and it is the time when graduates start a new chapter in life. Graduating students today confront a distinctive set of challenges that diverge significantly from those encountered by previous generations. The rapidly changing job market driven by factors such as AI and economic fluctuations will require adaptability. The central question at hand is: How can graduating students effectively navigate the dynamic and ever-changing landscape to achieve success? 

David Lindstrom, who has dedicated almost a decade to serving as the director of the Student Development Center, shares valuable insights on how students can elevate their worth in the dynamic realm of employment. Lindstrom shared that “graduates aren’t just competing with current workforce; they are also going to be competing with AI.”  

Amidst rising inflation, interest rates, and the cost of living, how can students safeguard themselves from these challenges? Lindstrom provided a range of invaluable insights that can help maintain and enhance financial well-being in these turbulent times.  

  • Know your value 

Understand your skills, abilities, and what you bring to the table. Recognize the unique qualities and strengths you possess.  

  • Constant training 

Lindstrom said this involves “being the best person you can be, including mentorship and faith, and having something you're always working toward that is bigger than the economy, that's bigger than the crisis of the day or the administration of the year.”  

  • Build connections  

“Have connections and start to paint a picture or image a picture of vocation based on your calling and your skills and abilities,” Lindstrom suggested. This involves establishing a network of reliable references such as pastors, teachers, professors, and advisors that can boost career growth and provide value.  

  • Leverage online resources 

“Graduates need to really know how to access and use online resources to promote themselves and market themselves,” Lindstrom pointed out. This entails creating a comprehensive online presence, which involves establishing a professional LinkedIn profile, developing a personal website, and cultivating a distinctive personal brand. 

By embracing constant learning, adaptability, and a strong sense of self-worth, graduates can overcome the challenges presented by the ever-changing job landscape. Lindstrom shared that “if we can just be patient, know our worth, [and] find our hope and strength in Christ, we can much better live happy and successful lives.” [1] 



  1. Interview with David Lindstrom, 05/18/2023. 
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