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Friday, December 8, 2023

Discover Discovery Preschool

April 11, 2023
Megan Carreon

Setting up Young Children for Success

Megan Carreon

As a Walla Walla University student, you might not know much about the Discovery Preschool on campus other than where the sign is on the side of Smith Hall. I did some digging, so you don’t have to. 

Discovery Preschool has been instilling a love for learning while teaching SDA Christian values to the next generation since the 1970s.  

Stacy Maxted is the current director of Discovery Preschool and attended the preschool in the early 90s. The preschool enrolls around 35-40 students from ages 3-5 every year. A morning session takes place with 18-20 students, followed by an afternoon session with about 10 students. [1] 

As director, Maxted has the goal of starting off a child's educational experience positively and setting them up for success in learning. Discovery Preschool has the dual purpose of being a resource for the education and psychology programs on campus. College students can teach lessons, observe, and perform assessments while building relationships with the children.  

Maxted believes it is imperative that “children experience the wonder of discovery and enhance their innate love for learning so it will continue throughout their entire lives.” [2] 

Lauren Threadgill, a senior education major, has worked at Discovery Preschool for the past year. She said, “It’s been beneficial for me to be in a classroom to learn more of what the field is like. I’ve really enjoyed playing with the kids and being involved in their engagement with learning.” [3] 

A day at Discovery Preschool involves social playtime to interact with other children, worship and song time, crafts to improve motor skills, puzzles, rhymes, and stories to familiarize children with English and reading.  

Lauren believes that “kids that go to Discovery Preschool are really well set up when they go to kindergarten because of the teaching that Stacy incorporates into their play.” [4] 

This program has greatly benefitted young children and college students alike on our campus.  



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