Fantastic Films and Where to Find Them

By Jenna Wagner
Hi everyone! I’m Jenna Wagner, the ASWWU Video head editor for this year. I get to work with a great team of videographers to produce content for Walla Walla University students, faculty, and community members to enjoy throughout the school year. In other words, my team is like ASWWU’s own production studio.

One of the main reasons I took this job is that it allows me and my team to be really creative at work. My mission for the year is to represent this campus for how it is, so we’ll be able to cover ASWWU events, write scripts, and even dabble in meme culture as we create and publish content. If you want to get an idea of our tone for the year, check out some of my favorite ASWWU videos “WAIT A Crosswalk PSA,” “Beyond the Bean,” and “ASWWU Senators 2021-2022” on the ASWWU YouTube channel.

To follow along with ASWWU Video, you can find us on YouTube or Vimeo under “ASWWU.” I also plan on premiering new ASWWU videos at CommUnity throughout the year! If you’re interested in getting even more involved with ASWWU Video, our team will always be looking for actors, whether it is film acting or voice acting. If you don’t feel as comfortable on camera but have an idea for us, let me know! I always love a good brainstorming session. You can find me on Instagram at @jeeeeenna or email me at