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Favorite Fall Drinks

November 3, 2022

Austin Price

Coffee’s Subtle Dominance Through Student Perspectives on Favorite Fall Hot Drinks

By Austin Price
The variety of students’ choices regarding which hot drink to enjoy during fall is intriguing because there are many differences. However, through the perspectives of multiple students, we come closer to fully understanding what type of hot drink is being enjoyed the most by the student body.

In a poll on The Collegian Instagram, between coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and apple cider, coffee won with 44% of the vote. Apple cider was next in line with 22%, next was tea with 17%, and lastly was hot cocoa with 16%. [1] The students favor coffee. Throughout this article, keep this poll in mind. Additionally, keep in mind that during the fall season a latte is the most sold drink at The Atlas. [2]

Brenda Vasquez, junior nursing major at the Portland campus, said her “favorite fall drink is probably any latte with oat milk and maybe some lavender syrup in there.” [3]

Devon Border, senior English major, said, “My favorite fall drink would have to be the earl grey latte at The Atlas. Just that perfect blend of the best of tea and the best of coffee. It’s like home in a cup.” [4] This is a more personal response still including that coffee element that students gravitate towards.

Yet another example, Mireya Roman, senior civil engineering major, said, “My favorite, I think, is the vanilla latte because it’s warm and it makes me feel warm.” [5]

A similar response came from Chris Russell, freshman mathematics and secondary education major, who responded, "My favorite fall drink would have to be a vanilla latte, it’s the only season that I actually get that drink.” [6] This is a fall-exclusive drink for him that still maintains the coffee pattern.

Coffee’s dominance of the students’ favorite fall drinks is now known. With the weather being cold, all these drinks are served hot, providing the cozy atmosphere of fall, which students continue to search for. Perhaps you will want a fall drink now as the weeks become colder. If that is so, The Atlas knows what you want. It’s not hot cider, hot cocoa, or hot tea, it’s the robust coffee variants that the students desire most.


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