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Favorite Movies

November 17, 2022
Austin Price

Students’ Favorite Movies to Watch Going Home

Austin Price

There are many movies a student might consider watching when traveling home. Ultimately, the individual decides what specific movie they want to watch. Through the answers of several students, we find out some of the favorite movies to watch when traveling home.  

The following students responded to the question, “What is your favorite movie to watch travelling home?”  

Joshua Price, junior psychology major, responded, “‘Interstellar’ is a great movie, and it’s a sort of long movie, so I feel like it would kill time if you’re traveling. Great soundtrack, all that stuff. Makes you think for a little bit afterwards, takes up a little more time.” [1] 

Chandler Welty, freshman mechanical engineering major, emphatically answered, “‘Cars,’ my all-time favorite. I love the movie. It’s a classic, and I will be showing that movie to my kids years from now. Besides that, a really good sports movie is ‘Miracle,’ it’s about the U.S. hockey team. But definitely ‘Cars,’ the original; the sequels suck.” [2] 

Jason Garecht, freshman nursing major, eventually decided and said, “I’ll go with ‘Iron Man.’ I really like the moral behind the story it adds, he’s such a good guy.” [3] 

Owen Milledge, junior psychology premed major, responded, “I really like ‘The Dark Knight’ series, so probably the second one, with Joker in it. It’s really good.” [4] 

A picture of Wollaton Hall, A.K.A. Bruce Wayne's mansion from "The Dark Knight." Photo by Vilmantas Bekesius (2020).

Jake Schmidt, senior product design and history major, answered, “It’d probably be ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ Those movies are the best. Hands down, you can’t tell me otherwise.” [5] 

Kyle Johnson, freshman product design major, said, “I would probably watch ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.’ It’s a classic. Probably just because it was one of the first ‘Star Wars’ movies to come out and the details in it are just so fun, other than that it’s just a comfort movie.” [6] 

If you are feeling like watching a movie while traveling home, look at these responses and know that these responses are not new movies. So, whether you decide on one of these movies or not, consider watching one of your favorite older movies. Enjoy the movie, and then in the next moment, you will be home.  



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  1. Star Wars trooper. Lego stormtrooper walking on sand. Photo by Daniel K. Cheung (2016). 
  2. A mansion. A picture of Wollaton Hall, A.K.A. Bruce Wayne's mansion from "The Dark Knight." Photo by Vilmantas Bekesius (2020).  
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