Financing the Departments

By Drew Irvine
Hello friends, my name is Drew Irvine, and I am the ASWWU Financial Vice President for the 2022-23 school year. Responsibilities that I have include creating and managing the budget for all the departments throughout ASWWU, managing the credit cards used within the organization, and accounting for all the transactions made throughout the year. I also work very closely with The Atlas and ASWWU Outdoors and their operations throughout the year. Since ASWWU is a large organization financially, I work with a financial controller who helps in regular accounting throughout the year.

I decided to take this job because I really care about this campus and making it more than somewhere to get a degree. College is supposed to house the best years of our lives, and I see it as my responsibility to give ASWWU the tools to continue to make Walla Walla University a place of community and excitement.

Some activities I enjoy include skiing in winter, skiing in summer, and anything outside. I also enjoy drumming, whether that’s for vespers, church, the steel band ensemble here on campus, or for Battle of the Bands and Spring Jam. I also enjoy following a wide range of sports from football to Formula 1. And, in true finance-bro fashion, I really enjoy following the markets and trading stocks.

The best way to connect with me throughout the year is on Instagram @drew_irvine16 or shoot me an email at