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Friday, December 8, 2023

I Get Around

September 28, 2023
Judy Lorenz

A Guide to Transportation Around Walla Walla

Judy Lorenz

College life can be stressful, but luckily, getting around Walla Walla doesn’t have to be—thanks to on-campus auto repairs, gas, and free buses. Whether you brought your car with you or were dropped off, you don’t have to worry about getting from campus to Walmart.  

You’ve probably seen the red trolley-looking bus weaving through campus and across Walla Walla, but did you know that it is free to ride? Valley Transit has launched a zero-fare pilot project thorugh 2025. [1] Just catch the bus at any of the bus stations, or flag the bus down and hop on. The bus makes stops at Walmart, in downtown, and even out at Walla Walla Community College.  

“The bus is easy and convenient,” said Haisley Maceda, a junior. “Just because you don’t have a car doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all that the city of Walla Walla has to offer.” [2] 

University Auto 2. University Auto manager Ben Hewett behind his desk. Photo by Judy Lorenz.

For anyone worried about trying to find a trustworthy repair shop in a new town, look no further than the first door on the right of the CTC. When you walk inside, you will be greeted by the technicians at student-led University Auto. Headed by students since 2010, University Auto offers a wide variety of services, whether you need an oil change or your car is completely dead. 

Ben Hewett, a senior automotive service major, is the manager of University Auto. He stated that “All technicians in this shop are auto students who are dedicated to the shop.” The place is officially open for students on September 25. “We’re here to help and learn,” Hewett emphasized. [3]  

For a convenient gas option, The Express is the Walla Walla University-owned gas station found at the corner of S. College Avenue and SW 4th Street. The Express not only allows you to stay on campus to get gas, but it also permits you to charge your gas payment to your student account. Just remember that The Express is a good Adventist gas station and is not open on the Sabbath.  

If you are looking for cheap gas, only five miles down the Oregon Route 11 state highway is a Sinclair gas station. The friendly green dinosaur has grown used to Walla Walla students making the pilgrimage to Milton-Freewater in search of cheap gas. For any of you not from Oregon who have had the embarrassing experience of pulling into an Oregon gas station and getting out of your car only for an attendant to tell you that you can’t pump your own gas, fear not—because it is now legal to pump your own gas in Oregon.  

There is no need to stress about having to get around Walla Walla. Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  

University Auto 1. The entrance to University Auto on the rightmost door of the CTC. Photo by Judy Lorenz. 



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  1. Valley Transit Bus. Valley Transit bus in downtown Walla Walla. Photo by Donald Thoreby. 
  1. University Auto 1. The entrance to University Auto on the rightmost door of the CTC. Photo by Judy Lorenz. 
  1. University Auto 2. University Auto manager Ben Hewett behind his desk. Photo by Judy Lorenz.  
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