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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Issue 12 and Music

February 16, 2023
Ashley Herber
Ashley Herber

This week’s issue is about all things music. One can hardly talk about music at WWU without mentioning Battle of the Bands (a student led cover band competition). The 2023 BOTB is just around the corner, and with it comes the perennial debate over whether or not BOTB is an appropriate event for a Seventh-day Adventist university.  

While our article does not attempt to settle this debate, it does provide perspective from a range of student participants. Read this article, written by Nick, to hear from four students about what BOTB means to them and the value they believe it brings to the WWU campus.  

In this issue you will also find an article by Austin about Adventist views on music within the church, an article from Gleb on the different music experiences offered by WWU’s three student churches, an article from Kudzai featuring an interview from a music minor student, and an article from Garrett which includes interviews from students about what it is like to be a part of ICantori and the WWU orchestra. 

Be sure to also read Ben’s humor article about a day as part of the WWU choir, as well as the latest addition to Cameron’s murder mystery series. 


The photo is of me in high school playing the piano (I took lessons for eight years). Photo by Brittany Wall McLachlan. 

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