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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Issue 14 and Women’s History Month

March 2. 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter From the Editor

Ashley Herber

Welcome to our women’s history month issue! This is our last regular issue of the quarter and I am excited to be ending with such an important topic. This issue also includes the results of the ASWWU elections! Be sure to check out who won and by how much—The Collegian wishes these four students luck in the coming months as they prepare to lead ASWWU. 

In this women’s history month issue, we wanted to celebrate the accomplishments of women on our campus as well as join larger discussions about gender equality issues that women face today. 

Read Garrett’s article to learn about women’s ordination and leadership in the Seventh-day Adventist church through an interview with Dr. Mathilde Frey. This article is packed with data that corresponds with the knowledgeable insights from WWU’s Hebrew Bible and Old Testament professor. 

Read Austin’s article to learn about the Aunt Flow Project on campus led by ASWWU diversity and wellness that supplies WWU women with free sanitary products.  

In Nick’s article you will find interviews with female biology students and why they love studying in a STEM field.  

Kudzai’s article covers the WWU women’s basketball historic season and what led to their many wins. 

As always, be sure to read our sustainability column and catch up on Cameron’s murder mystery series. Have a great rest of your week and gool luck studying for finals. 

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