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Friday, December 8, 2023

Issue 16 and Hispanic Heritage

April 13, 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter From the Editor

Ashley Herber

This week at The Collegian we wanted to take an issue to celebrate the Hispanic culture here at Walla Walla University because we were unable to do so in the fall due to our delayed publishing schedule. I am very excited that we are finally able to highlight some of the amazing things going on here at WWU for and by our Hispanic community. 

Our feature this week is an exclusive interview with violinist Jaime Jorge about his life journey. I grew up listening to Jorge’s music and trust me, you are going to want to hear his amazing story. 

This week’s issue also includes an article on the importance of the Spanish language which cites key data about Spanish speakers nationwide and here at WWU as well, an article interviewing the co-leaders of Hispanic Ministries, and an article interviewing business professor George Perez about the importance of celebrating Hispanic heritage.  

Be sure to also read our humor column and reissue.  



  1. Hispanic Heritage. Hispanic Ministries bracelet making. Photo by Abigail Lombard. 
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