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Friday, December 8, 2023

Issue 19 and a Post-COVID Campus

May 4, 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter from the Editor

Ashley Herber

It can at times be hard to remember that just two years ago we were all wearing masks and anxiously reading the news for more information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Although mask mandates are no-more, there are many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things, perhaps permanently. These changes are what two of The Collegian articles this week are all about.  

Read our feature which highlights student and professor perspectives on how the pandemic changed higher education. Read also our news on how the pandemic has changed the University budget and the careful decision-making administration is doing because of those changes.  

We know no one wants to think about COVID-19 anymore, so this week The Collegian also published articles on different topics. One such article interviews two WWU students about their escape from the Paradise fires. Our humor column is on a week in the life of a near-sighted student. As always, be sure to check up on detective Shirley in Cameron’s creative writing murder mystery series.  


Photo by Ashley Herber. 

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