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Issue 3 and American Girl Dolls

November 3, 2022
Ashley Herber
By Ashley Herber

Hello again, everyone! The theme of this week’s issue is “no theme” because there were just too many cool things we thought you needed to know that don’t fit into a theme. We have a variety of articles for you to read, including what the most popular hot drinks on campus are, a humor review of Taylor Swift’s new album, an interview with River Neil about ASWWU Outdoors, an article on library resources, and an interview with William Frohne about what it was like growing up in Walla Walla. Because it is Native American Heritage Month, our feature is on the history of the Native American tribes near Walla Walla and this article is packed with fascinating information—did you know that the name Walla Walla is a Native American term meaning “many waters?” 

Because there is no theme this week, I wanted to use my letter from the editor to talk about American Girl Dolls because, just like this issue, the American Girl Doll collection includes a wide array of interests (each doll has a different era, talent, or hobby). Last week I bonded with a few girls about how we all had or wanted these pricey 18-inch dolls with various interests and often tragic backstories. I partly credit the Kit Kittredge American Girl Doll movie with getting me into journalism (if you know, you know). I remember receiving the monthly American Girl Doll magazine in the mail and circling all the doll clothing and accessories that I wanted and filling in the games on the back pages—from my conversations with the aforementioned girls, this is apparently a shared experience.  

It is fascinating how so many people here at Walla Walla University with such different backgrounds can bond over this one small childhood memory. Remember that next time you need an icebreaker or wonder what you could possibly have in common with your annoying neighbor.




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