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Friday, December 8, 2023

Issue 3 and What’s New at WWU

October 12, 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter from the Editor

Ashley Herber

As the school year starts there are many new things around campus: new faces, new faculty, new programs, and new ways of doing things. While tradition and routine are good, it is also good to embrace new things and people as we begin this year. That is why in this issue we bring you what is new with Walla Walla U (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhymes).  

Read Caidyn’s article to learn about the possibilities of an MBA program, among other exciting innovations, for the school of business. Read Megan’s article to get to know our new dean of students, Brooklynn Armesto-Larson. Read Aine’s article to learn about the new nursing professors on the Portland campus. Read Judy’s article to find out why the sports programs have so many international students this year.  

Something that may be new to some of our readers is Cameron’s serial murder mystery that we publish weekly here at The Collegian. This week we are picking up Cameron’s series titled “Shirley H. and the Connected Crimes” right where he left off at the end of last year. If you want to get caught up on what Shirley and her friends have been up to, read the recap we have also published in this issue. I, for one, can’t wait to find out who committed the latest murder! 


Finally, it can be easy with all these new things on campus to get caught up in our small corner of the world. However, this weekend many of our attentions were drawn to the crisis happening in Israel and the Gaza Strip, and I wanted to take a moment to discuss the events of this week. 

On Saturday, Hamas, an Islamic resistance movement, launched a surprise attack on Israel killing more than 1,000 people and taking over 100 hostages. In response, Israeli forces attacked the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory where Hamas has political control, and reportedly killed over 1,000 people. [1] 

The crisis continues to unfold, bodies continue to be uncovered, and tensions continue to rise. I and 40 other students travelled to Israel this summer on the Bible Lands Tour and myself and others from the group I have talked to are extremely saddened by the loss of life on both sides of the conflict. There are people on our campus who have close ties to people and areas near the attacks. As tensions rise, many students wonder what the conflict will come to mean for us. 

Right now, there are no answers to these anxieties. All we can do is continue to watch the news and pray for those affected. As you finish week three and enter the weekend, enjoy the new and exciting things happening on campus, but also remember to pray for those whose school years were interrupted by a conflict outside of their control.  



  1. Kaufman, A. (2023, October 11). What’s happening in Israel? after Hamas attack, understanding the conflict in Gaza. USA Today. 



  1. Letter from the editor issue 3. Photo by Ashley Herber. 
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