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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Issue 5 and Thanksgiving

November 17, 2022
Ashley Herber

Letter from the Editor

Ashley Herber

Hello and happy Thanksgiving! If you haven’t already guessed, this week’s issue is Thanksgiving themed. We have many festive articles for you to enjoy including movie ideas for the drive/flight home, tips for how to prep your car for winter, and student perspectives on gratefulness. 

Our theme for this week is the differences between Canadian and American Thanksgiving. This one is very interesting — I didn’t even know there was a difference until last year when Aine (our managing editor and resident Canadian) told me. 

It is too cold outside, so I hope you stay warm over the upcoming break (like I’m trying to do in the picture). Whether you are traveling home or staying on campus, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  

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