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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Letter from the Editor

December 1, 2022
Ashley Herber

Issue 6 and “Elf”

Ashley Herber

Hello and merry Christmas! This issue is all about Christmas and other winter holidays.  

Our feature is on how some of WWU’s Hispanic students celebrate Christmas. Other articles in this issue include a discussion on consumerism and Christmas, tips for setting SMART New Year’s goals, interviews with students about how they find God during Christmas, and a humor column on what your Spotify wrapped says about you.  

Additionally, to close out Native American Heritage month we have an article on Kole GreyEyes's relationship with his Native American identity.  

One of my favorite movies is the Christmas comedy “Elf.” I’ve watched it so many times that I mostly memorized the movie. Below are some relatable quotes from “Elf” to help get you through the next two weeks as we all both look forward to Christmas break and struggle through our final papers, projects, and exams. 


For when your professor says the assignment will take five minutes but it takes three hours: 

  • “You sit on a throne of lies.” – Buddy 


For when you need an Adventist-approved expression to vent frustration: 

  • “Son of a nutcracker!” – Buddy  


For when you bond with someone about something totally weird: 

  • “It’s just nice to meet another human who shares my affinity for elf culture.” – Buddy 


For when every club, class, and department is giving you Christmas goodies: 

  • “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” – Buddy 


For when the Atlas is the only thing keeping you awake: 

  • “You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee! Great job everybody!” – Buddy 


For when you feel like your schedule is packed: 

  • “I planned out our whole day. First, we make snow angels for two hours, and then we’ll go ice skating, and then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie Dough as fast as we can, and then, to finish, we’ll snuggle.” – Buddy 


And remember, no matter how stressed you are about school, you’re not a cotton-headed ninny muggins. [1] 



  1. Favreau, J. (Director). (2003). Elf [Film]. New Line Cinema & Warner Bros. Pictures. 
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