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Assistant Editor
An individual that assists the Editor-in-Chief in leading a team to produce The Collegian.
Copy Editor
An individual that is responsible for establishing grammatical and writing standards and leading a team to ensure they are met.
Copy Editor
An individual in charge of reviewing page layouts, textual elements, and eliminating errors to the best of their ability.
Executive Assistant
Graphic Designer
Several individuals who design materials that create a consistent look and feel for events and other projects.
Layout Designer
Several individuals in charge of designing page layouts for the school yearbook.
Senate Secretary
An individual who records minutes during Senate meetings, taking care to capture all the important details of the meeting in their notes.
Several individuals that have a passion for filmmaking/videography and a desire to represent the members and events of ASWWU through video content.
Several individuals who produce high-quality articles on a range of topics such as News, Sports, Opinion, Religion, etc.
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