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Collegian Social Media Editor
Individuals responsible for marketing The Collegian through creative and quality content on our social media platforms.
Collegian Web Manager
This position is responsible for creating and maintaining web pages and uploading all content to the Collegian website on Wednesday nights. They work about 4 hours a week.
Diversity and Wellness Officer
This position is responsible for communicating various perspectives of the student body to the ASWWU Cabinet and Walla Walla University’s administration and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committees. This position is expected to work 6-8 hours a week.
Executive Assistant Senate Secretary
As a member of the legislative branch of the ASWWU, this position is responsible for recording minutes for Senate and its subcommittees. The position is expected to work about 2 hours a week.
Layout Designer
An individual in charge of designing page layouts for the school yearbook.
Layout Editor
The Collegian is looking for individuals interested in layout design and typesetting to help with the production of a 32-page magazine. Those who apply may be included in design choices such as fonts and color, be responsible for organizing content on a page, or guaranteeing correct alignment of body copy, captions, photos, and headings. Consider this an opportunity to have your name on a published document that you can include on a resume or in a portfolio.
Marketing Graphic Designer
Several individuals in charge of creating graphics for social media posts and posters for ASWWU Marketing. This position involves working closely with other departments to understand their design vision for events and using their creativity to produce the marketing material. They work minimum 5 hours a week.
Marketing Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager is responsible for posting on all ASWWU social media platforms, which mainly includes Instagram. This position needs to go to various events and take media coverage as well as maintain a cohesive instagram look/presence. They work about 5 hours a week.
Marketing Team Staff
This is a flexible position that works closely with the Marketing VP. This position is responsible for putting ASWWU events in the Walla Walla Calendar, printing and putting up posters, the ASWWU weekly email, and other miscellaneous tasks. This requires 4-5 hours a week.
Mountain Ash Team Staff
Several individuals who use their creativity to help the department head put together the yearbook, making it a tangible collection of memories that recount the joy of the school year.
Outdoors Team Staff
Several individuals who work under the Outdoors Head to help connect the student body with the great outdoors.
Several individuals with knowledge of photography and related equipment that capture our memories.
Social Team Staff
Individuals who assists in developing and implementing social programs for the student body.
Video Head
The primary responsibility of the Video Head is to ensure that videos are shot and edited for use by the Marketing Department. In this role, the Video Head manages a team of videographers to produce high-quality videos that reflect the vision and image of the ASWWU. This position is expected to work 6-8 hours a week.
Several individuals that have a passion for filmmaking/videography and a desire to represent the members and events of ASWWU through video content.
An individual who connects students by creating and maintaining web applications. Head of the web department who manages the general operations of the ASWWU website.
Several individuals who produce high-quality articles on a range of topics such as News, Sports, Opinion, Religion, etc.
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