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A Guide to WWU Life and Issue One

September 28, 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter from the Editor

Ashley Herber

Welcome, welcome, welcome to The Collegian! Each issue at The Collegian usually has a theme, and for this, the first issue of the year, we here at The Collegian wanted to talk about things that us grizzled seniors would have found helpful to know when we first arrived here at Walla Walla University.  

Check out Judy’s article on transportation to learn about ways to get around Walla Walla such as how the bus systems work and where you can get gas. Read Megan’s article to learn about how to eat a healthy diet at college and where to get your groceries. Caidyn wrote an article about the mental health services that WWU offers and the services of the Student Development Center.  

For those of you wanting to get involved in campus life, read Ashley Davilla’s article for an overview of all WWU has to offer socially. Aine, our resident Portland nursing student, wrote an article about what the Portland campus is and what nursing majors can expect when they go there.  

Atheris wrote an article about the IT department—give it a read and learn about what kind of passwords are best, what Instagram accounts you should follow, and what IT wants students to know. Finally, yours truly wrote an article about residence life; give this article a read to learn about the structure of the residence life team, how curfews and lock outs work, and the amenities the dorms provide to students.  

I hope you find these articles helpful. If you want to learn more about The Collegian or ASWWU in general, read issue two of The Collegian, which publishes next Thursday, to get an in-depth look at all ASWWU departments.  

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