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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Letter from the Editor

December 5, 2022
Ashley Herber

People (and Cats) You Should Know More About

Ashley Herber

Hello everyone, I am so excited to introduce the first print-issued Collegian of the year and our last issue of the quarter! We publish online on the ASWWU website every Thursday at 8:00 a.m.  

So far this quarter, we have covered subjects like mental health, the history of the Walla Walla Native American tribe, the most popular drink on campus, a humorous review of Taylor Swift’s new album, and so much more. If you haven't already, be sure to navigate to the ASWWU website and read our articles tailored especially for you. 

This issue is all about highlighting people on campus that everyone recognizes but maybe no one really knows. We have exclusive interviews with Dr. John McVay, Nestor Osorio, Justin Corral, Rosie Brower, and Carol Healy. Inside this issue you will also find a breakdown of the combined Christmas-Thanksgiving break debate, an article about the women’s volleyball team winning their last home game of the season, an interview with Tyreke Luckett, a reissue, and Ben’s weekly humor column.   

As long as we are highlighting people everyone recognizes but no one really knows, I thought I should also highlight an animal that falls under the same category. The specific animal in question is an orange tabby cat who hangs out around the Birch and Mountain View apartments. 

You might have encountered this cat on a cold, rainy night when he begs to come into your warm apartment. This cat has been given many aliases by different friend groups: George, Mango, Toni. Although very soft and friendly, his existence is clouded in mystery. Where did he come from? Where does he go? What is his real name? 

The Collegian was unable to procure an interview with this cat so we may never know the answers to these burning questions. If you have information about him that I do not, email and I will include it in one of my upcoming letters-from-the-editor. 

One thing is certain, though — if this cat could speak, he would tell you to read The Collegian. I hope you enjoy this issue, participate in Verbatim and the crossword, and remember that the Collegian email in-box is always open to article suggestions.

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