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Friday, December 8, 2023

Losing Halmark Apartments

May 25, 2023
Megan Carreon

Now What?

Megan Carreon

Walla Walla University no longer owns the Hallmark apartments, which provided low-cost off-campus housing for a large number of students. In 1963, the University built the Hallmark 2-bedroom apartments on land with a lease for 60 years.  

The lease will be up this summer, and while WWU has tried to negotiate a price with the owner to purchase the land, one could not be agreed upon.  

Students currently living in the Hallmark 2-bedroom apartments are in the process of moving out and securing housing for this summer and next school year.  

According to Dorene Hackett, assistant director for off-campus housing, “Current Hallmark residents are being given priority for off-campus housing options next year.” 

This change is affecting not only Hallmark residents, but also those who currently live in the dorms and would like to transition to off-campus housing.  

Hackett relayed, “Village Housing has been saving and reserving apartments that have been vacated during the school year for Hallmark residents who requested to transfer to another unit. Some residents have already transferred. Since the Hallmark 2-bedroom residents have been given priority on properties that would usually have been available to offer for this summer, the number of new residents Village Housing will be able to accommodate will be extremely limited or not at all.” 

WWU recognizes the major inconvenience this puts upon a large number of students and has been looking at new low-cost housing options to be able to accommodate a larger number of students again.  

It is important to Village Housing that students are as happy as possible with their living situations. Hackett said, “With the expectation of enrollment increasing over the next couple of years, the administration is developing plans for increasing off-campus housing options and providing a low-cost alternative.” [1] 



  1. Interview with Dorene Hackett, 5/18/2023. 
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