Managing The Atlas 

By Breanna Scully
My name is Breanna Scully, and I am the manager of The Atlas, the campus coffee shop. I have worked as a barista at The Atlas since my freshman year, and during that time I fell in love with the coffee and atmosphere that The Atlas provides. Creating quality drinks is a passion of mine and is what inspired me to apply to manage The Atlas and be able to teach others how to make specialty coffee.

Many people don’t realize it, but The Atlas is owned and run by ASWWU, which means that each student at Walla Walla University owns a portion of The Atlas. Our goal is to be purveyors of ASWWU’s mission, bring people together, and uplift the campus by enforcing the strong sense of community and love for which the University is known. We are the campus home.

Our 2022-23 vision is to show inclusivity and respect to each one of our valued customers, and to make each drink with precision so that it is the best it can be. This year, we have an amazing team of talented and creative people who are all contributing to making The Atlas the place that it is. 

The Atlas club is back and offering exclusive deals, events, and merchandise for our members. There will also be many events hosted at The Atlas that students can look forward to. Students can also connect and stay up to date with The Atlas events and deals through our Instagram @the_atlas. We look forward to serving you and seeing you in the updated interior of our campus home.