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If you see a sticker, poster, Instagram post, or email from ASWWU, it likely comes from our Marketing team. ASWWU Marketing, lead by our Marketing Vice President, works to let you know what’s happening in ASWWU, all while presenting a unified face throughout ASWWU departments and branding that matches the mission and vision of ASWWU. ASWWU Marketing produces many of the designs you see on ASWWU’s social media platforms, physical advertizing, and of ASWWU merch like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers. If you ever want to get more involved, you can always send a direct message to our Instagram, or email us at To keep in the know about ASWWU events, look out for ASWWU Marketing’s weekly emails, ASWWU posters around campus, and check out the ASWWU Instagram.
If you want to see our current staff, click Here!
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