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Friday, December 8, 2023

Mental Health

November 10, 2022
Ashley Herber
By Ashley Herber

Welcome everyone! The weather is getting colder and thanks to daylight savings the days are literally darker. Although monitoring your mental health is always important, this time of year it is even more critical to take care of yourself and check in with your friends as seasonal affective disorder rears its ugly head.  

The theme of this week’s issue is mental health, and we have many informative articles for you to read. Check out Austin’s article on how the depressed artist can embrace dissatisfaction, Garrett’s article on how exercise is tied to mental health, Gleb’s article on mental health counseling, Kudzai’s article on the pressures men face to stay quiet about their mental health, and Nick’s article on Dr. Jason Killmer’s CommUnity presentation about the drug use perceptions. I also highly recommend Ben’s humor article on how to multitask more effectively—if you want a laugh, this article won’t disappoint.   

If you need some words of encouragement, I recommend that you call (707)-873-7862. This number takes you to a school project where kindergarteners give you a pep talk. It is completely automated and I hope it brightens your day as much as it did mine. 



If you like the earrings I’m wearing in this picture let me know—my aunt made them and she sells cute earrings online! Photo by Ashley Herber.

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