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Friday, December 8, 2023

Mother’s Day Advice

April 11, 2023
Austin Price

Students Share Advice They’ve Received from Their Mothers

Austin Price

Four students discussed the best advice their mothers have given them. This Mother’s Day we implore readers to think about one piece of wisdom your mom has given you over the years and why that advice is special. 

Freshman biology major Joash Jano-Edward recalled this:  

“With Mother's Day approaching, there are many pieces of advice my mom has shared with me. One of which being that I should not rush to find a girlfriend until I turn 25! In all seriousness, my mom has been my biggest support, dedicating her life to raise me and my siblings. What stands out to me was how she raised us under the Lord's guidance. I will never forget her advice to my sister and I before we left home for university. She advised us to never forget our faith. She would share how there were many nights where she would weep her heart out worrying for our protection and success. She was afraid of the future. She did not want to see us leave and bear the pain. She wondered if her faith in God was enough or if she herself did enough. She had no idea what the future held, and that was scary because she knew that day would come soon. Finally, this past September, my mom's greatest fear came true. But my mom reacted not with fear but with faith. She did not shed tears of worry but of joy and pride as she learned to let my sister and I go. She knew her prayers were heard; God would serve and protect us. Fast forward eight months later, I am proud to say that my sister and I are on track to complete our freshman year of college because my mother is not a hypocrite. She followed her own advice, never forgetting her faith, and I am so thankful to God that He has blessed me with such an amazing, faithful mother.” [1] 


Marnie Bouneff, junior business marketing major, said her mother told her the following:  

“‘If people aren’t willing to put the same effort into friendships or relationships, then they’re just not worth your time anymore . . . it’s just better to have more sincere friendships than to have a ton of mediocre friendships.’” [2] 


Freshman nursing major Yasmine Martinez reminisced: 

“Although my mom has given me a lot of good advice, the one that has stuck with me till now has been that I can do anything I put my mind to. This is something I am constantly reminded of because of college and the hard work that comes with it. Whenever I feel discouraged, she will always tell me, ‘Tu puedes,’ meaning, ‘you can.’” [3] 


Lastly, freshman Alyssa Carinan, a business marketing major, said: 

“My mom gave me advice to put myself out there and still be myself, not letting other people compromise my beliefs and to just attract the friends that I do need rather than chase the ones that aren’t that good for me. And she said that the same applies to relationships, but mostly for friends.” [4] 



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  1. One Rose. A single rose of beauty like a single piece of advice from mothers. Photo by Tirza van Dijk.  
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