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ASWWU Outdoors is our department that helps coordinate all things outside. Under ASWWU Outdoors are three main functions—ASWWU Expeditions, Mountain Rents, and the Tread Shed.

ASWWU Expeditions looks to take advantage of Walla Walla’s placement in the Pacific Northwest and plans trips and outings to enjoy our corner of the great outdoors. They conduct trips such as to go mountain biking, rock climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, backpacking, ice climbing, camping, and more. These are trips that are open to everyone and ASWWU outdoors employees are there to help you every step of the way, whether that be belaying for you, leading the trail hike, or helping you transport your gear.

The Tread Shed
Speaking of gear, the Tread Shed seeks to help provide for your outdoor excursions without breaking the college student budget. Through the Tread Shed, students can rent all sorts of outdoor gear at a reduced price, whether that be for ASWWU Outdoors-specific events, a backpacking trip with some friends, or a picnic and disc golf afternoon you’re organizing for next weekend. If you have your own gear that needs maintenance, the Tread Shed can help with that too. The Tread Shed hires qualified students to help you upkeep your bike, skis, snowboard, longboard, or skateboard. Plus, the working hours are free! If you need something fixed, all that it will cost you is the parts that it takes to complete the project. Our weekly schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.

To sign up for the Expedition planned for this week or take a look at our equipment rentals, go ahead and visit our ASWWU Outdoors Website.
You can also see our staff members here!
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