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Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Piner, and I am ASWWU’s photography head for this year. I decided to take this job because I love being able to capture memories in my life, and I wanted to offer that to the students of this campus. My vision for this year is to bring people together by capturing both the big and little moments that we create over this year with both on-campus and off-campus events. I’m going to do this with the help of my amazing team made up of Eden Kim, Isaac Baik, Connor Buller, Jack Darrow, and Abigail Lombard.

This year I am excited to share your photos on ASWWU’s cloud service, SmugMug. SmugMug provides students with a way to relive all the great events that ASWWU creates throughout the year. It is also a great place to find pictures of yourself and your friends at all the ASWWU events. I encourage you to look through our 2021-22 photos on SmugMug to see some of the amazing things that ASWWU has done in the past, as well as greatly anticipated events like the Battle of the Bands, Spring Jam, and many more.

If you have any questions about ASWWU Photo or any of the events, a great way to reach out is to direct message me on Instagram, @sam_piner, and by email at
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