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About Us

How often have friends come to you with a problem, big or small? And you responded by assuring them that they would be in your prayers? Do you actually remember to pray for them? There is so much power in prayer that goes unused, and that's what the Upper Room Prayer Initiative was created to bring into play. It's simple purpose is to encourage a focus on person to person to Christ connections. This is the beginning of a grassroots revival, which starts by uniting all 13 North American Division Adventist Universities in prayer. However it is our hope that this prayer revival will spread to people all over the world, from all walks of life. Will you join us in striving to bring our world together by praying it forward today?

How It Works

1. Order #prayitforward pins (Contact us for information on how to place an order).

2. Distribute pins to as many people at your university, college, or church as you can! Make sure that you pray with every person you give a pin to, either individually or corporately.

3. Instruct them to go to our web site and enter their information. By doing this each person will be added to the world map on our page and have an opportunity to share their #prayitforward testimony. The website not only places a pray it forward pin on the map for every person but also displays a running total for all of the people who have prayed it forward. Watch as this numbers grows bigger everyday!

4. After each person enters their information into the site their next goal will be to find someone to pray for. After praying with and for that person they will give them their pin and ask them to go to the website and follow the directions on the page.

These four easy steps will create a unique opportunity for thousands of people to pray for each other every day!

How It Works

Get Involved

If you, your school or your church would like to be involved, please contact the following email address or phone number and we will get you started today.
Phone: 1-(360)477-7362