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Projectors, Paperbacks, and Plants, Oh My!

November 3, 2022
Garrett Christensen

What You Need to Know About the Library

By Garrett Christensen

“All I know about the library is that it has books and I’ve studied there a handful of times.” [1] The library here at Walla Walla University, for many, is a place to study and do research. However, lying just below its bookkeeping surface are useful and interesting features that students should be aware of.

For starters, did you know that you can borrow a projector from the library?

According to the library’s website, “Several types of audio-visual equipment may be checked out from the library information desk during open hours. This includes digital projectors, screens, tablets such as an iPad, and external disc drives.” [2]

You can also borrow various screen adaptors and headphones. All you need to do is sign the “Equipment Circulation Agreement” and go the library’s public service desk to see what’s available. This form is available online. Smaller items can be checked out without even signing the form. [3] The library this year is committed to celebrating diversity. According to head librarian, Carolyn Gaskell, “One of the things that we have tried to more intentionally [this year] is with our displays, trying to highlight the different months that are showcasing different kinds of diversity.” [4]

In addition, she stated, “Last year, we received a grant from the Washington State Library, and we used it to purchase books in the area of diversity.” [5]

Every few weeks, the displays will be changed depending on which heritage month it is. Look for them and their related books in the library next time you have a spare moment; you’ll probably learn something new! In the title of this article, I promised three things: projectors, paperbacks, and plants. With that in mind, did you know that every library plant is named after a different author? According to Gaskell, the tradition started with a former staff member who enjoyed gardening and taking care of the library plants [6].

LeAnne Trussell, a senior humanities major and current caretaker of the plants, says, “It’s basically two rules [when naming the plants]: they have to be an author and we have to have their book in our library.” [7]

Each plant has a placard placed next to them with their author’s biography and the books' location. Next time you’re looking for a new book to read, take the time to explore the library and find a plant.



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