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ASWWU Senate is an elected body of WWU student senators who implement changes on campus. Led by the ASWWU Executive VP, Senate provides a check and balance within ASWWU’s governing body: the ASWWU budget, any major purchases, and changes to ASWWU’s governing structure all must be approved by senate. Perhaps most importantly, Senate gets its own campus improvement budget to use through the school year, and its up to the Senators, and to you, the students, to decide how to use that budget. Senate has been the reason for many of our student-centered campus improvement, such as getting new workout equipment, creating the Atlas, and putting in our new rock wall.

If you want to see something happen on campus, Senate is an excellent place to start getting involved. Curious about what’s going on in ASWWU? ASWWU members are always welcome to sit in on Senate meetings, which are held are every Monday night at 7 p.m. in Bowers. Have something specific you’d like to see? Reach out to your Senator! They’ll work with you to make it happen, whether that be through writing a bill, or working through existing structures and plans. Want to be even more involved? Consider running for Senate and representing your corner of the WWU campus.

Check out our ASWWU governing documents below!
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