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Friday, December 8, 2023

Shirley H. and the Connected Crimes Recap

October 12, 2023
Cameron Fowler

What Has Happened Since We Started?

Cameron Fowler

It’s been some time since we read about Shirley H.’s last part of her latest adventure, and it would be reasonable if one needed a bit of a catch up on what has happened. This is just that, a recap that will explain all that has transpired since this saga began. 

Shirley H. is an ace detective residing in the small city of Hamview. She has gained local fame for solving three cases prior to the Connected Crimes, during which she gained three steadfast allies who have stuck with her through them and through the current cases.  
Hercules P., Shirley’s first friend, acts as the guide of the group, being the only one born locally. He acts as the driver and the general well of knowledge on the history and celebrities of Hamview. 
Parvath Kennicot is a prodigy mortician and rookie bodybuilder, who balances raw strength with his intelligence. He finds art in the small details, uses his keen eye to analyze the victims and provides Shirley with invaluable knowledge that helps her piece together each crime. 
While Aimi Lindholm hasn’t had a lot of screentime, she is still just as present as the others. The speedy cadet is the newest of the friends but pulls the same amount of weight. Behind the scenes, she uses her role to help gain access to crime scenes and pull strings to get human obstacles out of the way, whether it be paparazzi or rude members of the force. 

The Connected Crimes began with the death of a dancer named Aphrodite. Her body was found in the Bear’s Belly Bar, seeming like she had taken her own life; but the bar’s owner, Uranus, called foul. Shirley was brought to the site where she deduced that she was killed in an envious spell by fellow dancer Psyche. 

What should have been a one and done deal was unfortunately not, as a famous artist was found dead, made into his own art exhibit. Despite some signs pointing to his protégé, it soon became clear that the culprit was the security guard, Gema Martinez. She had stained her hands with murder, as a fit of rage caused her to end the life of her former teacher. 

The last case we saw involved the death of a film snob, who was suspended in the clocktower, halting its movements. Evidence analyzed at face value set the police’s sights on an innocent child as the main suspect, but Shirley didn’t buy it. This assumption was proven correct, as it was local movie star Beau Wulf who killed the critic after she wounded his pride. 

Three cases down, but there are more on the way, all of which are connected by a strange set of lighters in different colors and animals. Shirley has no idea what their meanings are, but she is certain that her next case will have another, and mayhaps bring her closer to finding the truth. 



  1. Recap-detective-sherlock. Shirley H. is the star detective of Hamview. Can you keep up with the clues she finds? From GraphicMama-team on Pixabay. 
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