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ASWWU Social is all about making sure that your college experience is filled with fun. ASWWU Social is led by the elected ASWWU Social Vice President, who hires their team and sets the tone for the kinds of events and collaborations that they’d like to do for the year. As a team, ASWWU Social hosts all kinds of events, from smaller opportunities like paint nights, pop ups, album listening parties, study sessions, and dating game shows, to bigger events like barn party, battle of the bands, banquets, and spring jam. ASWWU Social also teams up with other ASWWU departments for events, such as the Outdoors x Social collaboration on Rail Jam, as well as clubs and departments across campus. Throughout each event and collaboration, ASWWU Social is committed to bringing our campus together and planning opportunities for you, the student, to make memories and connections with friends old or new. If you want to see our current staff members, click Here!
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