Something for Everyone

By Jacob Roney
Something for everyone—an idea that no matter who you are or what you like to do, ASWWU Social can be part of your path to community here at Walla Walla University.

When I got to Walla Walla last year, I knew a few people, but my extroverted self was eager to find more. That is where ASWWU helped me out. It gave me a chance to be involved and participate in events that I liked and that fit my needs. This community and connection were a large part of why I wanted this job. I wanted to be the person who created events that everyone on campus could be a part of, where their social needs could be filled. I know that Battle of the Bands isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. My goal with social is not to make events that always fit everyone’s needs, but to have events that excite and fill your social needs. 

This year, my team and I are dedicated to making our events inclusive and welcoming. We plan to do this by partnering with different groups across campus and being intentional when planning. To fulfill the goal of having something for everyone, we need help from you. We ask for honest (but still kind) feedback about events and we ask that this year, you will be intentional about community. I believe the only way to create meaningful community on campus is through intentionality. It’s actually coming to events and being intentional about meeting new people.

This year, my hope is that we will be able to create a WWU community that is here for each other, and that together, we can be something for everyone.