Spiritual Growth for the Campus

By Parker LeClerc
Seven months ago, when I decided I would run for ASWWU Spiritual Vice President, it was difficult to set a clear vision and goal for the job. As many of you already know, and as the freshmen learned during their first two weeks on campus, there are many institutions and groups working on campus with the basic goal of enriching the spiritual life of the students. The chaplain’s office heads most recurring worship services such as Fireside, Heubach, and vespers. Community service, however, is run through the Center for Humanitarian Engagement, small groups will be run through the chaplain’s office, and the University Church is, well, the University Church. ASWWU Spiritual exists for the same basic purpose as the aforementioned groups: to support and grow the campus spiritually. However, with so much covered by so many, the big question becomes how ASWWU Spiritual differentiates itself from everyone else. 

ASWWU Spiritual is unique for two major reasons. The first is that we are entirely student-led, from the bottom to the top. While this sounds obvious, it needs some discussion. There is no one directing ASWWU Spiritual, or ASWWU as a whole, to do anything. As a result, everything we do is inspired by students, brainstormed by students, planned by students, and pulled off by students.
Along similar lines, the second thing that makes ASWWU Spiritual unique is that we are infinitely adaptable. We do not have any recurring obligations except for weekend of worship and student week of worship. Everything else that happens throughout the year is a result of pure ingenuity.

The two big characteristics that define ASWWU Spiritual support what ASWWU Spiritual’s goal for this year is. Simply put, our goal for this year is to look at what the needs are, the holes that are left by the others, and meet them. As a result, ASWWU Spiritual this year will have two big functions. First, to listen to and stay in-tune with the student body, and then act in direct response to those observations. That means that ASWWU Spiritual will be hosting a vast variety of events and initiatives. Some may be meeting broad needs, while others may meet very specific needs. Regardless, the goal is the same: see the need, meet the need.

I am confident that we at ASWWU Spiritual can achieve that goal this year, yet it hinges on you all as students. We need one big thing from you: your constructive feedback. As you see holes in our campus’s spiritual life, reach out and let us know. Also, as you all participate in events and activities, let us know how they went, we only want to improve.

Lastly, all of us here at ASWWU want to be available as a resource. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would just like to say hi, swing by our office hours which are posted on the ASWWU website, send us an email at aswwu.spiritual@wwu.edu, or say hi when you see any of us on the sidewalk. We are all here to serve you and we look forward to an awesome school year together.