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Friday, December 8, 2023

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February 2, 2023
Kudzai Mhondiwa

Black Student Christian Forum and the Celebration of Black History Month

Kudzai Mhondiwa

During Black History Month, the Black Student Christian Forum leads in the celebration and representation of Black culture at Walla Walla University. 

The Black Student Christian Forum stands as one of the fastest-growing clubs on campus and is united as a community of faculty and students. Liberty Anderson, the BSCF president, said, “BSCF stands for community, family and elevating the culture of our Black students here on campus.” [1] This growing culture banded by the voices of minority students has garnered great attention on campus along with its unique model. The model consists of actions catered to the whole person, which is described as focusing on the experience it provides for its members.  

Liberty Anderson, president of BSCF.

Abel Biruk, a freshman representative of the BSCF, described the rewarding sensation of witnessing freshmen involvement in the club as they find a sense of community within the organization. [2] Tawanda Meda, spiritual vice-president, emphasized the club's capacity for freshmen to take on leadership roles. [3] 

The club has been involved in membership retreats that have included the end-of-the-year barbeque, for both members and non-members, and campouts from previous years, most notably the “Backyardagang” camp in Camp MiVoden, Idaho which hosted over 80 club members. In addition, BSCF holds recurring merchandise giveaways of BSCF-branded apparel and accessories.  

Since its founding in 1992, the BSCF has made contributive efforts in promoting Black History Month events in WWU. Members of the club take part in the Black History Month vespers, in addition to the upcoming gospel concert comprised of African American-styled praise and worship. Marcus Lupse, social vice president of BSCF, observed, “We do also celebrate Christian foundations, going back to the family and the roots in God.” [4]  

Black History month celebrates the furtherment of Black excellence as well as the contributions made by Black people in American history. In previous years, WWU has aimed to place Black History month as a year-round commemoration of the Black inventors, philanthropists, judges, and civil rights advocates of our age who have helped shape America. In recent years, Black Americans have had to bear the struggle in claiming their individual rights as equal to their white counterparts.  

Prior to the civil rights act of 1964, Blacks were racially discriminated against in various ways including segregation in public places, employment, and education. Despite these challenges, Black people in America rose above the societal disadvantages becoming icons for our future generations. One voice of Black leaders in history includes the author, film director, and producer, Oscar Michaeux. He said, “One of the greatest tasks of my life has been to teach the colored man he can be anything.” [5] 

Providing a voice to the newcoming Black students of WWU has been an objective of the BSCF since the start of the school year. Anderson stated, “As the club has grown over the years, this year of our jumpstart event that initial exposure to freshmen who are coming onto our campus is incredibly important,” and later highlighted the importance of a student body that matches the race of the incoming freshman class—providing them the same representation afforded to white students. [6] 

Black History Month and BSCF continue to celebrate and recognize the experience of what it means to be Black in America, cultivating culture and community that unites us all. 



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