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Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Last Issue, Seniors, and Reflection

May 25, 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter from the Editor

Ashley Herber

This final issue of The Collegian is dedicated to the WWU seniors. The 2023 WWU graduating class heads out into a world full of economic uncertainty that is still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and learning how to cope with the impact of AI. Read Gleb’s article to learn David Lindstrom’s tips for seniors to enhance their financial wellbeing. 

One thing seniors have always known but that will not be returning to WWU next year is the Halmark apartments. Our feature this week, written by Megan, gives you the scoop on why the Halmark apartments are no more. 

Read Nick’s article on the stresses that many international students face after graduation. Read also my article to learn about how graduating senior Hannah Jane Gillespie created something that will last for many years on the WWU campus—the new Tread Shed mural.  


As The Collegian publishes this our final issue, I want to take a moment to reflect on all we have accomplished this year.  

We tackled big issues on our campus including the possibility of a combined Thanksgiving-Christmas break, the value of Battle of the Bands, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the current financial situation of the University, Dr. McVay’s statement regarding LGBTQ+ issues, the future absence of the Halmark apartments, and more. 

We talked to interesting people including professional violinist Jaime Jorge, cafeteria worker Rosie Brower, student Ivy Lu, assistant to the president for diversity Dr. Pedrito Maynard-Reid, student Ashley Amparano, and so many others. 

We published two print newspapers, grew our Instagram account, integrated with the ASWWU website, collaborated with ASWWU social, ASWWU diversity and wellness, and the Atlas, and created a magazine (which will be available soon so stay tuned!) all while publishing a total of 22 weekly issues. 

It has been a pleasure to be The Collegian Editor-in-Chief this school year. I am grateful for my team, pleased with the work we have done, and excited to be returning as Editor-in-Chief again next year. 


Photo by Ashley Herber.  

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