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Things you can do with a Wal-Mart plastic bag

May 16, 2002
Michael Walters
By Michael Walters

Just when you thought your Wal-Mart adventures were through, we thought of yet another use for the store of falling prices and amazing icees. 

Often, when one returns home with Wal-Mart booty, the goods go in the cupboard, pantry or on the floor, and the bag ends up in the trash. But in reality, a Wal-Mart plastic bag can do many more things than act as a trash can liner or line the trash can. 

Rudy Scott styles rainproof plastic bog booties. Photo taken by Lorin Koch

In fact, one does not have to buy Wal-Mart clothing to accessorize with Wal-Mart products. The possibilities are practically limitless. Why not complement that cute summer bikini with a coverup by Wal-Mart? If layering is more your style, try the blue and yellow scheme on top of your favorite mini-skirt ensemble. The skirt can even double as a tube top! If you're shy about showing navel, go for the more conservative sleeveless Wal-Mart T-shirt bag. A piece from a Wal-Mart bag can quickly convert into a fashionable scarf, headpiece or even rain hat. And because it's designed to hold things, a plastic bag doubles perfectly as a purse. For the outdoors types, Wal-Mart plastic bags hold the key to many adventures. Try fashioning a Wal-Mart kite, or even a parachute (though this endeavor would require more than a few bags). If you're in a jam and need to make a quick exit, plastic bags could double as the materials for the classic bed sheets escape (though extensive testing on the relative strength of plastic bags for holding the weight of the average individual has not yet been done). 

If you're more worried about dirty diapers than fashion, Wal-Mart bags can still be useful. You might stop the stench by wrapping your baby's diaper-clad bottom with a plastic bag. It keeps the stench out before you even take the diaper off. 

The bottom line: if you want to recycle in a new and possibly extremely odd way, if you have a cutting edge fashion mind, or you just want to be creative on a boring post-finals evening, head to Wal-Mart for cheap stuff and plastic bags.

A queen of fashion Mari shows off plastic two piece. Photo taken by Lorin Koch.
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