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Friday, December 8, 2023

Who is WWU?

September 28, 2023
Ashley Davila

A Brief Guide to Social Life on Campus

Ashley Davila

Walla Walla University has a distinctive college culture that is active and diverse. Our university offers students chances to interact with people from culturally varied backgrounds that can improve students’ educational experience and better prepare them for a globalized future. This dedication to diversity in our university's college culture is one of its fundamental features.  

WWU's initiatives to foster accessible and inclusive communities demonstrate its dedication to diversity. For instance, the University has taken steps to guarantee that students from diverse backgrounds can achieve academically. These steps entail offering assisted services like mentorship and tutoring programs, developing inclusive and varied curricula, and encouraging diversity among Faculty and staff.  

WWU has a strong student life presence. If you want to learn more about opportunities like athletics, clubs, the chaplain’s office and more, you can find information at


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  1. Week of prayer. Diversity at Walla Walla University fosters connections and experiences among students. By Isaac Baik. 
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