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Friday, December 8, 2023

Why I love Walla Walla College

January 20, 2005
Dan Hudson

Reissue published January 20, 2005

Dan Hudson

What makes our school such an awesome place to go to? According to Sean Hayes, 'It's just friggin' awesome." Who am I to argue with logic like that? Walla Walla College is plain style straight-up. How many other schools are as cool as ours? I mean really, by my count, none. 

I took the liberty of compiling a little list I like to call "Walla Walla, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways …" 

  1. The SAC 
  2. The SAC 
  3. Umm, the SAC 

Honestly, I mean how good an idea is that? If you can't stand what's on the caf menu, you always have a safe haven where they make the same edible foodstuffs all the time. They even can make you smoothies with 5 million percent DV of all the stuff you don't get from the Ramen noodles in your dorm room. 

Aside from my food fixation, it would be a travesty not to mention the fact that the professors are pretty cool and down-to-earth. They all seem helpful and interested in you understanding their material. I can honestly say I have not disliked any of my teachers so far. Huzzah for you guys. 

And what would college be without a fair dose of romance? I for one don't fall into this category, but I have seen many of my fellow brethren fall deeply 'in like' with some of the sweet honeys cavorting about campus. This is not to say that all this intrigue is transient, as a quick perusal of the Online Mask showed that there are some 141 individuals in "Permanently Taken" status. I don't know if this provides conclusive evidence that Walla Walla is indeed “Western Wedding College" because I bet any given college has at least that many people engaged or married. But nonetheless, Walla Walla appears to be a veritable bounty of persons eligible for nuptials.  

Did I mention ASWWC? They put out these awesome Collegians every week, packed full of fascinating articles (such as my own). Plus they have the radio station up and running, which is totally run by the students for the students. How awesome is that? While I'm at it let me plug my show "Independent Minded,” which is on Monday and Tuesday nights at 10. 

I  surveyed myself and I agreed that Walla Walla is a decent place to get one's education. And by Jove, that's what I intend to get. I love this place. 



  1. IMG 235A. ASWWC in their board meeting.  
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