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  • Every friday, the student body meets at the University church for vespers, but from time to time, they take things outdoors, were students can be more connected with nature and God.
  • ASWWU hosted a dating game show for students. After all, we aren’t nicknamed Western Wedding University for no reason.
  • During the Winter quarter, ASWWU hosted Rail Jam. An event where students can sign up and show off their winter sport skills.
  • During Valentine’s day, ASWWU set up a booth with cards, flowers and chocolate for the student body.
  • During the fall quarter, ASWWU hosts a Battle of the Bands. An event where students create their own bands and give a concert to the student body.
  • ASWWU hosts a basketball tournament between dorm and village students.
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Associated Students of Walla Walla University


Capture the Flag Sep. 21 Add event to my calendar
Open Mic Sep. 22 Add event to my calendar
Lip Sync Battle Sep. 24 Add event to my calendar
End of Summer Bash     Oct. 2 Add event to my calendar
Barn Party Oct. 30 Add event to my calendar
Battle of the Bands Feb. 25 Add event to my calendar


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