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February 23, 2023
The Story of Abriel Thuc

Abriel Thuc is a senior business major at Walla Walla University who was born and raised in South Sudan. He came to the United States in 2016 to attend Takoma Academy in Maryland and moved to College Place in 2019 to study at WWU. Thuc has always been passionate about basketball and was recruited at […]

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February 16, 2023
Churches on Campus

Walla Walla University offers not only a top-notch education, but also a variety of spiritual worship opportunities on campus for students. These spiritual opportunities include worship through music and communal singing that creates a sense of unity. Students can not only volunteer, but also serve as leaders and participate in one of the three on-campus […]

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February 9, 2023
Love Languages and Self Love

The concept of love languages commonly refers to the way an individual expresses and receives love from a romantic partner, yet it also encompasses the vital aspect of self-love. What is self-love and how do students on our College Place campus comprehend and implement self-love in their daily lives? 

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January 26, 2023
Student Missionaries Abroad

While Richard Bass and Julianna Conrad are both students at Walla Walla University, they can’t be found on our College Place campus as they are currently serving abroad as student missionaries. They decided to step outside of their comfort zones this year and serve as student missionaries in two very different countries.  

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January 19, 2023
New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year rolls through, many readers of The Collegian may consider setting New Year’s resolutions. However, planning appropriately may be the key to actually hitting those goals this year. According to the article “19 Mind-Blowing New Year’s Resolution Statistics,” 38.5% of adults in the U.S. set New Year’s resolutions every year. Nevertheless, only 9% […]

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